Performance Management

Continue to do the things you do to join jobseekers with employers and provide training when needed, in addition to other services. We will provide you with Human Expertise as a Service (HEaaS) by providing you with verbal, written, and visualization insights on your efforts. This will include explanations accompanied with advice or guidance on next steps.

Performance Training

We can provide training to all levels of your organization. Our primary focus is on performance for WIOA, WP, TAA, TANF E&T, and SNAP E&T. The trainings can be tailored to several audiences:

  • Board Members
  • Executive Level Leadership
  • Senior Management
  • Frontline Leadership
  • Frontline Staff

Performance Liaison

Gone are the days where you have to know everything there is to know about performance, whether on call or partner meetings. When it comes down to performance, we can serve as your liaison for understanding where you are and advising you on negotiations backed by analytics.

Data Analytics

Performance is good. Analytics is better. Performance denotes something that needs to be done and measured. Analytics go a few steps further to pose answers to unanswered questions and provide a platform to ask more questions. Questions or answers can lead to new ideas and processes. New ideas can lead to better service delivery. By using several intersects of data sources, we can discover powerful solutions.

Data Reporting

Data reports are often key to running a great one-stop or whole local workforce area. We can run queries for you out of your state system or gather data from other agencies on your behalf and produce simple reports. In addition, we can show you how to interpret reports at the state and federal level. With these same reports, we can analyze them and develop compelling visual analytics for pocket cards and other small message devices.

Data Collection Tools

If you are looking for data collection needs with scalability and interoperability for short-term small and large scale objects, we can build that system for you. With over 20 years’ experience in system architecture and database architecture, we can spin up highly useful applications that are ready for use complete with built in visualizations. This includes integration of data from different platforms or advising on whether integration should be done. These services are offered at state and local levels.

Data Systems Integration

Let us evaluate whether cost or risk are too high for a single system solution, or if it is the perfect fit. We can serve your state side or in house project manager between you and the vendor, or if the solution is small enough, we can build it for you.


Everyone performs analysis in different professions. X-rays and MRIs are analyzed by doctors and radiologists. Soil samples are analyzed by scientists, chemists, and other related professions. Workforce data should be analyzed by qualified professionals as well. While experience does not seem to be required, it matters. We will provide analysis with the advantage of over 32,000 hours of experience in workforce data.


Publications can be used by all types of stakeholders including board members, jobseekers, employers, and the general public. While we seem to be in age where more is less, we are able to produce publications that short and straight to the point, in addition to publications that can be as dense as research papers.

Research Requests

If you have a workforce issue that is little more than what is normally done and that runs outside the time your staff has, let us do that research work for you. Some answers we may already have from prior projects.

Service Delivery Evaluation and Improvement

Are you set up to deliver services in the most efficient manner? What is your happy balance between volume and value? Let’s measure. We can develop tools to measure your service delivery efficiency and effectiveness according to economic conditions, area, and size so that we can work on the balance you desire to seek.

Procurement Support

Whether you need full support for RFIs, RFPs, ITNs and all points in between, we can provide full service or just a second set of eyes. Areas of procurement covered include:

  • Information Technology
  • Software Procurement
  • One-Stop Procurement
  • Provider Procurement

Process Development and Review

Local areas and even some states are burdened with processes that are antiquated, obsolete, and even absent. Processes don’t need to be improved everywhere nor should they exist everywhere. We want to make sure your implemented processes are conducive with your desired performance.

Recruitment Support

Recruiting in favorable or unfavorable economic environments can be a tough task. Let us assist you in finding the right talent by providing an outside lens. We can design online job specific and work culture specific aptitude tests that are objective and reliable.